Chairman’s Message

Rahul Model Public School

Chairman’s Message

The Almighty made man in his own reflection. An essential aspect of his creation. The Human being, was the humans ability to conceptualize and  enjoy freedom and the route of freedom is knowledge. All activities that promote the development, incubation and propagation of knowledge are reflective of the eternal Being.

The intensity of every possible venture begins with the single minded mission to achieve. Keeping in mind I had envisaged an institution and named it Rahul Model Public School.

As I look back, the school has grown up from strength to strength and stood with the trials and tribulations to create an identity for itself during the last thirty five years.

Our school’s belief in promoting universal education is a sacred activity for the achievement of individual and collective freedom we talk on “EDUCATION FOR ALL.” By providing learning environment. It combines the best of Indian tradition with modern thoughts and techniques. We equip our children to be good and successful citizens wholesome in thoughts and wholesome in action.

The school is committed to provide in depth understanding of each and every child harnessing their inherent potential and instilling in them a sense of self confidence to face the passing phases of life.

My Endeavour as chairman will be to provide a platform where all students come together and explore the individual and group talents.

I am thankful to the Almighty for helping us to achieve this glory and pray that the school scales higher and higher. I wish all the students for their very best future.

I am confident that leaders in the field of education will help us to formulate good practices, thereby making Rahul Model Public School an outstanding ‘Knowledge Centre’.