Rules & Regulations

Rahul Model Public School

Rules & Regulations for students

  1. Always come to the school in complete uniform as prescribed by the school.
  2. Follow the norms of Good touch and bad touch.
  3. Decent behaviour is expected with fellow students, teachers, school management and other staff members.
  4. Bullying towards fellow students is a serious offence in the school.
  5. If you experience bullying, indecent behaviour from any one straight away tell your teacher.
  6. Do not litter classroom but make use of trash cans for dumping wastes.
  7. Don’t spill food or water during lunchtimes and get assistance from cleaning staff if you notice any such dirt.
  8. Maintain personal hygiene while you are in class and always. Keep yourself neat and clean.
  9. Wash your hands properly before and after having food and use handkerchief while you sneeze.
  10. Always come to class with all important materials needed for the day like textbooks, notebooks, pencils and pens, geometry boxes, lunch box and water bottle.
  11. Follow the particular day’s time table and do not miss any subject books.
  12. Strictly follow the school time schedule for coming to and leaving the school.
  13. Be attentive to the teachers
  14. No vandalism is allowed in the classroom. Making deliberate damage to objects in school will attract strict action and fine.
  15. Handle carefully the chairs, desks, blackboard, other equipments in the school. Even scribbling in desks is not allowed.
  16. Students moving along the corridors or during the change of period, must walk in silence, in an orderly manner, without pushing or shoving, in a single line. Always keep a minimum distance from the person standing in front of you.
  17. Food is allowed only during lunch break. Get your food from home at the time of coming to school.
  18. Don’t hurt others. Don’t engage in friendly fights and disagreements. Calling by “Names” is not allowed
  19. Please complain to teacher for any indecent behaviour or if someone provokes you. You must not pick a fight or hurt someone.
  20. Actively participate in classroom activities which is a part of your learning.
  21. Students should be well-disciplined, polite and well behaved.
  22. 85% Attendance is Mandatary.
  23. Absence from school must be supported with valid reason along with an advance leave application. Students who remained absent on previous day due to any urgency must bring application with the reasoning of absent which will be counter signed by Father/ Mother
  24. Attendance on the last day of the school before vacation and first day of the school after the vacation is absolutely essential.
  25. No student will be allowed to go home early  on any day for any reason, Please do not send your child to school, if she/he is unwell and unable to stay in school for the whole day. Permission to leave school early may be granted as a special case.
  26. Excuse from school may be granted on compassionate grounds and on a case-by-case basis.
  27. During the absence of the teacher from the class, students should be under the discipline of the monitor till the arrival of the teacher.
  28. No student shall leave the classroom without the ‘Class Pass’ and a permission of the teacher/monitor.
  29. No student shall remain in the class room during the morning assembly, library period, P.T.period etc. without permission of the teacher concerned.
  30. Students are strictly forbidden to purchase any article of food from un-authorized vendors near the school outside the premises.
  31. Students are advised not to bring costly articles, like/watches, calculators, jewellery etc. to the school.
  32. Any loss of articles or money should be reported to the class teacher or subject teachers immediately.
  33. Students are not permitted to bring electronic gadgets like mobile phones to the school. In case of violation of this rule the articles will be confiscated.
  34. Students who go home on their own by public transport or walking should make a point to reach home from the school at the stipulated time so as not to be the cause of worry for their parents and to the school authorities as well.
  35. No student is allowed to come to school on self driven scooter, motor cycle or car.
  36. Students are not allowed to go anywhere after the school, other than home, without written permission from the parents.
  37. Students are not allowed to call any student from the school on the direction of any outsider
  38. Students of class X and XII must attend school regularly, especially on the days specified for CBSE formalities and /or for practical examination.